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If you’re a man or woman over 40…. I know you often feel “left out in the cold” when it comes to finding a safe and effective low impact workout that really works to build and strengthen muscles, and also burn fat.

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I personally created the Advanced Bodyweight Blender as the perfect companion series to the original Bodyweight Blender.

These low impact exercises will skyrocket the effectiveness and speed of your Bodyweight Blender workouts…. so you’ll obtain visible results even quicker! 

These advanced super-targeted Bodyweight workouts will help you lose weight, build muscle, obtain more energy and improve your overall health… in a head-spinning short amount of time.

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Each of these Advanced bodyweight Blender workouts take only 15 minutes to complete, so they’re super-convenient to perform in your home or office.

Why are these advanced Bodyweight exercises so darn effective at burning even the most stubborn fat and building strong muscles?

I literally put hundreds of hours of extensive research into creating the Advanced Bodyweight Blender…. and each low impact workout is actually based on the latest medical and scientific research, and feedback from real-world tests.

Get a Full Body, Low-Impact Workout Without The Need For Weights Or Costly Gym Memberships…. In Just 15 Minutes Each Day!

My Advanced Bodyweight Blender is truly the “icing on the cake.”

These exercises have been proven to help men and women over 45 quickly burn calories and even the most stubborn belly fat.

Since they’re all low-impact, they’re 100% safe, no matter the condition of your health, or even if you’ve never exercised a day before in your life.

And unlike the competitive nature of gym training floors, you can progress at your own rate and only increase the intensity and speed when you feel ready.


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3-Stage ADVANCED Comprehensive Bodyweight Exercise Program to Accelerate Your Results

Your Personal Advanced Bodyweight Training and Coaching Sessions Developed by World Renowned Trainer, Rick Kaselj

This incredible Advanced Bodyweight Blender program compliments the original Bodyweight Blender so you obtain visible results in the shortest amount of time.

This top-rated digital program for men and women over 45 provides advanced targeting of 3 Bodyweight core areas:  Arms & Core, Cardio, Lower Body, along with a crystal clear Introductory Video.  Each set provides 3 stages, including their own guided exercise sequences created by legendary fitness coach and trainer, Rick Kaselj.

You’ll be guided every step of the way so you know exactly how to perform each simple exercise, along with how many reps.

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For each of the 3 Advanced Bodyweight Blender segments, you’ll receive these wonderful additional tools at no extra cost:

  • 1 Getting Started Introductory Training Video
  • 1 Healthy Personal Training Workout Video
  • 1 Invincible Personal Training Workout Video
  • 1 Comprehensive and Convenient .PDF Manual for Each
  • 1 Exercise Quick Tracking Guide
  • 1 Progress Tracking Sheet

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