FREE Cookbook: The Perfect Picnic Recipe Guide!

10 Delicious, Pain-Reducing, Anti-Inflammatory Recipes For Any Occasion

Are you on a diet to combat arthritis, gout, Crohn’s disease, or another painful inflammation condition? Sick of watching everyone else gorge themselves at the picnic table while you nibble “rabbit food?”

Be the envy of the picnic table with our free cookbook, “The Perfect Picnic Recipe Guide.” What you eat is a significant factor in causing chronic inflammation pain. Our new cookbook features ten easy-to-make recipes featuring anti-inflammatory ingredients. Perfect for picnics, these delicious recipes will make you the envy of the picnic table!

This free cookbook includes:

  • 10 healthy anti-inflammatory recipes
  • Hearty, picnic meals for people who love to eat
  • Suggested ingredients that are tasty and help reduce inflammation in the body

Remember: Inflammation causes painful arthritis and can lead to other serious illnesses.