Discover for FREE, 10 Amazing Foam Rolling Moves That are Ideal for Healing Injuries, Workout Recovery & Soothing Tight Muscles!

Find Out How You Can Begin Moving
More Freely & With Less Pain & Stiffness

Most of us deal with pain and/or stiffness in a body part at some point in our lives – whether it’s our lower back or our hamstrings or our quads or our hips or somewhere else.

The good news today is that we have put together a FREE workout DVD (you just pay shipping and handling) that features the 10 best foam rolling moves to relieve muscle pain and tension.

These moves are great for:

  • Injuries:

    Often when you have an injury, the muscles around that injury get sore and tense.

  • Relaxation:

    These moves help relieve stress and tension in the muscles so you feel looser and more relaxed.

  • Workout relief:

    Sore muscles are common after an intense workout, and these moves will help alleviate that soreness so you won’t miss your next exercise session.

  • Body stiffness:

    If you are sore from sitting for a long time or sleeping in an awkward position, these moves are great for loosening up the muscles and making you feel better.

These Moves Bring Nourishing Blood to the Muscles
AND Push Out Irritating Metabolites!

Best of all, these moves are easy to do and work for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are elderly, overweight, have a bad back or other injury – these exercises reduce pain and increase range of motion.

We’ll show you exactly how to do the moves on our video, giving you the proper sets, repetitions, time and intensity. We’ve also included tips to help you maximize the effectiveness of each exercise.

INTRODUCING The 10 Best Foam Rolling Moves
for Your Entire Body!

Here’s what you get with this unique program: A DVD and a PDF manual that show you exactly how to perform each exercise for maximum benefit. Remember, the program is FREE. You’ll just pay shipping and handling for the DVD.

With this program you’ll learn:

  • The 10 absolute best foam rolling moves for reducing pain and soreness, and improving your range of motion
  • Moves for the lower, middle and upper back, the hamstrings, the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, calves, outer thigh and hip, quads, hip flexors, side body and vertical back
  • How to gain relief without risking further injury – you’ll learn how to do each move by watching an expert – just follow along with the video!
  • The reasons behind the moves so you know not only what to do, but why you are doing it and what benefits you will receive!
  • How to adjust sets, reps, time and intensity to customize the workout and make it as effective as possible for you
  • And much more

But Why Should You Listen to Me?

Hi, my name is Rick Kaselj, MS, and creating programs that help people heal injuries, eliminate pain and reach their health goals is my mission in life.

I started as a personal trainer, exercise therapist and kinesiologist, but quickly discovered that many of the traditional exercise and treatment programs weren’t producing the results I wanted for my clients.

So I took it upon myself to get the right knowledge, scour the medical research, and do hands-on testing, so I could ACTUALLY help my clients get better and improve their bodies and their health.

With the advent of the Internet, I saw a terrific opportunity to offer and deliver my programs to many more people, so they too could finally get relief from pain, heal their injuries, improve their health and strengthen their muscles.

So Don’t Let Pain & Stiffness Negatively
Impact Your Quality of Life!

Compensating for pain and soreness in one area can cause us to develop pain and discomfort in another area of our bodies. Break that cycle with this free workout program!

Also, don’t let pain and soreness from a workout keep you from enjoying the benefits of working out. This program is quick and easy to do and will allow you to get rid of bothersome discomfort so that you can be more active.

You’ll be able to work out more often … you’ll be able to move more freely and without pain … you’ll be able to relax tense muscles and feel better.

Performing the moves in this program is like performing a self-massage – and you’ll receive all the benefits, such as looser muscles and greater range of motion.

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Here’s the Bottom Line on This Offer:

Don’t just try to live with pain and soreness – often it will get worse, not better, or it may lead to pain and soreness in other areas due to compensating for the injury.

With The 10 Best Foam Rolling Moves for Your Entire Body, you’ll learn what you need to do and how to do it to increase your pain-free mobility.

All you need is a foam roller, which you can purchase at a local fitness store, or order online, or you can check our Exercises For Injuries Store. Our experts will take care of the rest, showing you everything else you need to know.

This is your chance to stop pain and discomfort from interrupting your sleep, making it difficult for you to move around, or even just sitting down for very long. These moves are easy to do and highly effective. You’ll experience benefits in no time.

And this program won’t take much time or require you to go to a gym. You can do these moves at home – all you need is a foam roller.

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To your health and well-being,

Rick Kaselj

Rick Kaselj, MS
Injury Specialist & Kinesiologist

P.S. Once you get familiar with this routine, it will only take you approximately 5 minutes to go through it! That means no matter how busy you are, you should easily be able to find the time to feel better – much, much better! Order now and learn the moves you need to improve your mobility… and your quality of life!