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Dear Friend,

My name is Rick Kaselj, and I’m a renowned health and fitness expert, and Founder of ExercisesForInjuries.com.

I’m here with some important news that I hope will be helpful to you, whether we are experiencing a global pandemic, or you simply want to stay as healthy as possible.

First, what exactly is a “pandemic”?

A pandemic is the worst-case scenario in outbreaks of infectious diseases. It means that the disease has spread beyond its originating country’s borders, and is escalating around the world.

We’ve seen this recently with COVID-19, so it’s understandable if you’re feeling fearful, stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is new, disease outbreaks across the human population are not.

The reality is…

Pandemics, Plagues, and Disease Outbreaks have Been with Us Since the Beginning of Time.

Communicable diseases date all the way back to mankind’s hunter-gatherer days.

As people became more civilized, epidemics began to spread quickly throughout communities.

Tuberculosis, malaria, smallpox, influenza, leprosy, and other infectious diseases first appeared during this period.

So as humans started building cities and forging trade routes to connect with other communities, and at times waging war with them, it was inevitable that worldwide pandemics would begin to increase.

A look back through history shows outbreaks that were so expansive, they literally changed the course of history.

Here are 5 of the world’s deadliest pandemics and outbreaks….

  • The Black Death:

    Also known as the bubonic plague, the Black Death occurred when the global population was an estimated 450 million. At least 75 million, with some estimates as high as 200 million, were affected. Half of Europe died in only four years. The plague’s name was derived from the black skin spots on sailors who brought the devastating disease with them from Asian voyages.

  • 1918 Spanish Flu:

    In March 1918, Kansas was the site of the first known U.S. case of this avian-borne flu. The disease quickly spread to multiple countries throughout the world, but burned out quickly by 1919.  It’s believed that 50 million people died. 25 million of those deaths occurred in the initial 25 weeks of the outbreak.


    There is a current pandemic that’s still occurring, which is HIV/AIDS. While medicine has developed some effective treatments for this chronic condition, the end of this pandemic is a long way off.  In 2018, it was estimated that 38 million people had HIV.

  • The Plague of Justinian

    In the year 541, rats on Egyptian grain boats brought an epidemic to the Eastern Roman Empire that would lead to the deaths of approximately 25 million people in the empire.  Named for the emperor who contracted the disease, historians estimate that as many as 5,000 people died per day in Constantinople, the empire’s capital.

  • The Antonine Plague

    Named for Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, who ruled during the outbreak along with co-regent Lucius Verus, the outbreak began in 165 and lasted until 180. An estimated five million people died from what is now believed to have been smallpox.

While all of those pandemics are vastly different, there’s one major factor behind all of them that led to so many deaths…

The human immune system.

Until the Coronavirus epidemic, you may not have given your immune system much thought.

When it’s running smoothly each day, you don’t even think about your immune system.

But now you may be wondering….

“What the Heck is the Immune System, Anyway?”

Your immune system is a complex infrastructure that protects your body from all foreign invaders that threaten your health.  It works 24/7 to ensure your body remains healthy and infection-free.

Millions of small cells make up your immune system, and they work together to identify, target, and eliminate dangerous invaders such as microbes, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.

Equally as amazing….

The immune system keeps a record of every germ (microbe) it has ever defeated so it can recognize and destroy the specific invader if it enters your body again.

So, without a properly functioning immune system, you wouldn’t be able to survive very long.

Three Important types of Immunity…
Innate, Adaptive, and Passive.

  • Innate Immunity: Everybody is born with innate, or natural immunity, which is a type of general protection. A good example of this is your skin, as it blocks dangerous germs from attacking your body. It also has the ability to recognize when specific invaders are foreign and potentially harmful to your health.
  • Adaptive Immunity: Adaptive immunity refers to how your immune system develops throughout your entire life. You can develop adaptive immunity after being exposed to certain illnesses, or when you’re immunized against diseases through vaccinations.
  • Passive immunity: Passive immunity is only temporary, as it’s "borrowed" from another source. A good example of this is the antibodies supplied in a mother's breast milk that provide infants with temporary immunity.

So, What Could Go Wrong With Such a Seemingly Perfect System?

Spoiler Alert:  Plenty!

You May Be Born with a Weak Immune System.

For reasons unknown, some babies are born with Primary Immunodeficiency (PIDD), which prevents the immune system from functioning properly and makes them more susceptible to infections and certain diseases.

PIDD results from genetic mutations that are typically inherited, or passed down within families.

Researchers have identified more than 300 Primary immunodeficiency disorders. In the most common, protective white blood cells or proteins are missing, or they simply fail to function.

Some of these PIDDs result in repeated infections of the skin, brain, spinal cord, respiratory system or in the urinary or gastrointestinal tracts.

Over Time, You Could Develop Acquired
Immune Deficiency.

For some people, an infectious disease can cause the gradual degeneration of their entire immune system.

When this happens, it’s called Acquired Immune Deficiency.

These types of immune disorders are typically acquired later in life, usually because of a disease such as HIV-AIDS, cancers of the immune system (leukemia), immune-complex diseases such as viral hepatitis, or multiple myeloma.

Your Immune System Could Become Overactive.

In these disorders, the immune system reacts to an invader… but it’s a harmless one.

An overactive immune system often results in allergies, by mistaking harmless environmental substances (pollen, pet dander or certain foods) for an attacking parasite.

If you have a hyperactive immune system, you’re at risk for developing asthma, eczema, food allergies or hay fever.

Sometimes the Immune System Goofs Up…
and Starts Attacking Itself.

On occasion, the immune system stops working to protect you, and literally turns against your entire system.

These disorders occur when the immune system begins fighting against the body’s own healthy tissues, attacking and destroying healthy cells and tissues by mistake.

So, treatment for autoimmune diseases usually focuses on reducing immune system activity.

Examples of autoimmune diseases include Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Type 1 Diabetes, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Graves’ Disease, and more.


Pay Attention to The Following Warning Signs of a Weakened Immune System

It’s not just the Coronavirus pandemic that may have you on edge.

When flu and cold season are in full swing, you may worry that your immune system isn’t strong enough to protect you from symptoms.

Here are some signs that point to a weakened immune system:

  • Sky-High Stress: Long-term stress has been shown to weaken the responses of your immune system. Stress can decrease your body’s lymphocytes, the white blood cells that help fight off infection. The lower your lymphocyte levels, the more you’re at risk for contracting harmful viruses.
  • Frequent Colds: Most adults suffer through up to three colds each year, and recover in seven to 10 days. That’s how long it takes the immune system to develop antibodies for your recovery. So, if you’re constantly catching colds, it’s another sign that you have low immunity.
  • Indigestion: Research shows that nearly 70% of your immune system is housed in your digestive tract. The beneficial microorganisms that live there protect your gut from infection and support the immune system. So, if you have frequent gas, constipation or diarrhea, it’s possible that your immune system is not functioning properly.
  • Slow Healing Wounds: After you get a scrape, cut or burn, your body sends nutrient-rich blood to the injury to regenerate new skin. However, if your immune system is weak, you’ll have a difficult time healing any wounds.
  • Frequent Infections: If you’re constantly battling frequent infections, your immune system may be on the fritz. The American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology reports that the signs of immune deficiency include constant ear infections, developing pneumonia twice during a one-year period, suffering from chronic sinusitis, or more than three episodes of bacterial sinusitis in a year.
  • Constant Exhaustion: When your immune system struggles, your energy levels drop. If you’re getting plenty of sleep, but you always feel tired, your immune system might be trying to tell you something. Your body may be trying to conserve energy to fuel your weak immune system so it can fight off germs.

Here’s the Exciting News….

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But to Ensure Your Immune System Always Remain Strong, Healthy and Resilient…

You Also Need to Get Up and Get Moving!

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Get INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS to the 14-Day Immune Health Quick Start Program. You get lifetime access to everything 24/7/365, on any computer or mobile device.

When you order today, you’ll receive instant access to the “14-Day Immune Health Quick Start Program” and special 14-day FREE access to the Lifelong Wellness Academy. After the 14 days trial period, membership is only $47/month. You can cancel your premium access any time before or after the end of your 14-day free trial period by emailing us at [email protected]. You can also reach our support team by calling 1-888-291-2430 (toll free in the USA and Canada), or sending an SMS to 1-888-229-4992, and we will process your request, no questions asked.