For men and women between 45 to 75+ who want to look and feel great...

Can this 7-minute workout really blast stubborn body fat, instantly increase energy, make you stronger and healthier and… reverse aging?

How a new, clinically-proven breakthrough in exercise science reveals the way to better health, increased strength and weight loss without ANY dieting and by doing LESS exercise

Dear Friend,

If you’re still carrying a little more weight than you want and find you’re always low on energy, despite trying diet after diet and every exercise program… I don’t blame you for thinking nothing works.

You don’t need to be persuaded on the benefits of exercise. But there’s always three doubts that stop anyone from getting started…

#1 “Which program should I choose?” (There are so many options, which one to choose?)

#2 “Will it actually work for someone like me?” (Show me results from someone who looks like me, not a bouncing 23-year-old with skyrocketing metabolism and all the time in the world)

#3 “Will I stick to it?” (Hour-long workouts? Complicated moves? Gym visits? What is realistic?)

Most people who start a program quit before they achieve any results. That’s a fact. It’s never just about the exercise, it’s about how well it fits into your life.

Unless you answer the three questions with a “YES”, it doesn’t matter what program you choose, you’ll always struggle.

So, here’s the good news.

I’m not here to tell you about some hi-tech, complicated workout with a funny name you’ve never heard of. I’m not here to suggest a crazy extreme diet that forces you to drink celery juice 8 times a day.

And I’m certainly not going to insist the only answer is forcing you into an intimidating, sweaty gym filled with loud music and kids staring at their phones.

Today, I want to reveal to you a simple, practical program I discovered, to quickly and easily melt body fat, give you more energy and help you look and feel great.

You can do this workout at home. It requires no special equipment. You don’t need to set foot in a gym. You don’t even have to change what you eat (yes, really, no dieting!).

And it is perfectly safe, proven and backed by scientific research.

But before I reveal the workout, there is something important I want to clear up. This is…

The REAL reason you’ve never got the results you wanted

You see, I assume you’re reading this letter for a reason.

There is something about your health or well-being that you’re not completely happy with.

It could be your weight or how you look. You may be suffering from ill health. Or you may have an injury you’ve been unable to bounce back from.

Despite knowing you want to change and trying to, there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Whatever you think is standing in the way, one thing is certain: It’s not your fault.

As I’m about to explain, the deck is stacked against you. You have been made to feel this way by the multi-billion dollar health and fitness industry who know this is the easiest path to your wallet.

What I’m about to reveal is shocking... and, I admit, it may be hard to read.

Don’t you find that…

… The MORE you diet, the more weight you seem to put on?

… The MORE you exercise, the more tired and lacking in energy you feel?

… The MORE supplements you buy, the more you spend… without feeling any benefits?

That’s why it feels so overwhelming and confusing. And why you’re still not where you want to be.

The BIG LIE the multi-billion dollar health and fitness industry has sold the public is that MORE is better.

Do MORE exercise. Exercise MORE often. Go on MORE extreme diets. Buy MORE supplements.

They spend billions each year telling you everything you want is available to you just as long as you spend MORE time, MORE money and MORE effort.

But, as you may have found, MORE doesn’t work. In fact, MORE seems to move you further away from where you want to be.

What if there was another way?

What if I told you that you could get much BETTER results, lose MORE weight, blast MORE fat and feel MUCH better… by doing LESS!

Yes, I said LESS.


Now, I get that it seems kind of unbelievable… and that’s exactly what the health and fitness industry have spent all their advertising dollars on wanting you to believe.

But to show you exactly how serious this is, let me reveal how the industry tries to confuse and confound us so we ultimately keep spending more on getting better.

3 traps the health industry uses to keep you
sick, fat and unhealthy

Trap #1 - The “Average Joe” Trap

For many athletes and professional coaches, long periods of moderate aerobic exercise are key to conditioning. Professional athletes can spend hours working out and performing exercise at a moderate pace.

The problem started when the industry started applying what was right for pro-athletes to the rest of us. Before long, everyone was prescribed long, low to moderate intensity workouts.

Here’s the problem: Hours each day spent jogging on a treadmill or biking was wholly unsuited to the modern lives of people who weren’t athletes; people who had jobs or other responsibilities.

The main reason for athletes working at low to medium intensity for the majority of their training is to increase volume while reducing the chance of injury.

But when you prescribe low to moderate workouts to someone who sits at a desk for 7 hours a day and only has 30 minutes to work out, is it really a surprise when they don’t get the results they want?

Trap #2 - The “One-Size-Fits-All” Trap

Traditional exercise, workout and diet plans don't produce the results you want.

Too many take a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

As most programs fall into this trap, it’s no wonder everything you tried before didn’t give you results.

Even listening to “official guidance” from sporting bodies is a bad idea.

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends a weekly minimum of 150 to 300 minutes of moderate activity, defined as walking or jogging. (1)

That's FIVE hours a week.

FIVE hours spread over 7 days you need to carve out of your daily routine. Minimum.

And that doesn’t even cover strength training. Just add two or three more strength workouts on top of all that running and walking each week and you're done. Easy, huh?

Guidelines are constantly changing and are impossibly broad. Consider this: If guidelines worked so well, why do so few people stick to them? And why do they change every few months?

It’s no surprise researchers have started to question the effectiveness of these guidelines and their focus on low to moderate physical activity. 2

As the authors of this report claimed: “Public health recommendations assume that the volume of training, the total amount of work, or caloric expenditure is the key stimulus for health-protective adaptations. However, there is little evidence to support this long-held axiom.”

Here’s the bottom line. Even if you do EXACTLY what these guidelines tell you, you may still not get the results you want.

And there's another problem...

Trap #3 - The “Willpower” Trap

We’re told motivation and willpower are the keys to success. If only you just forced yourself to get to the gym or if you just resisted that second cookie…

Any programs that rely on your willpower are WRONG.

Now, if you’re like every other person who has tried numerous other diets, exercise programs and workouts that haven’t worked, you may feel the same.

You may have been made to feel like the reason for its failure was your lack of willpower. You may have beaten yourself up about it. It is in the interest of the health industry to make you feel this way; so, you blame yourself for a lack of willpower, lack of self-discipline or you may think you’re just too lazy.

Let me tell you right now… YOU’RE NOT.

Any program that relies on willpower WILL fail. The method has FAILED, not you.

The best workout… is the one you’ll stick to

Most programs are designed around the trainer and what they can do, without any thought to who is using it.

I believe for a program to really work, you need to take a different approach that focuses not only on what works, but also on what is realistic for the individual using the program.

So, before we continue, let me introduce myself and explain exactly what that means.

My name is Rick Kaselj. I’ve been a Kinesiologist, pain, injury, health and fitness expert for 25+ years. My team and I have years of experience designing exercise programs specifically for women and men between the ages of 45 and 75+.


I’m all about finding what works… and unfortunately, a lot of the advice out there, even from trained professionals and reputable sources… does not work!

Some of the most effective methods I’ve discovered for eliminating pain, healing injuries and improving health are counterintuitive - they required diligent research, testing, and creativity to discover.

People get the best results when they follow a program that’s been properly designed. The best programs include only the exercises that are necessary, instructions on how to perform them properly, the proper order in which to perform them, and instructions on what the right amount of rest is, and when to take it. Not doing all the steps, or performing them in the wrong order, or taking too little rest, or too much, can throw you off course, and sometimes even make things worse.

Here are just some of the people who benefited from my programs

What he says has really worked for me

“What I like about Rick is that he gives you what you really do need and without a great big cost. What he says has really worked for me and I'm way up in my 70's."

Donna Mackay Sewell

From the first time I tried the exercises, the relief was immediate

“I am elated with the results of your Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercise program and can’t thank you enough for your help. From the first time I tried the exercises, the relief was immediate. I’m sure I look and feel slimmer and I stand straighter and walk taller. I am truly grateful!”

Arthur Barnes

All hip and knees problems have virtually resolved!

“I was having trouble walking on a track especially when I increased my speed. Once I started doing the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program before walking, I experienced no further hip problems and in fact all hip and knee problems have virtually resolved!”

Jerri-Anne McDermith

It works!

“I am reaching my 81st anniversary on Earth and the Unlock Your Tight Shoulders along with Forward Head Posture Fix are really helping my shoulders, back and neck.

It is a must-own program and it works!”

Ron Miller

An expert in healing injuries and safely eliminating pain with exercise

“Several members of my family have been using Rick’s programs with good results. Clearly he is an expert at healing injuries and safely eliminating pain with exercise, so I decided to give one of his programs a try. I was very impressed and recommend that anyone with an injury or pain try one of his programs.”


Within 10 days I already felt a difference

“I had the pain for too long and really wanted to heal it so I ordered the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program and started them along with the physical therapy exercises and within 10 days I already felt a difference. At 82 years old, that’s remarkable! I wanted to thank you for your help and a new lease on life free from hip and sciatica pain”

Dianne Schlegel

I am in awe of the immediate impact it had on my body

“I have a history of a rotated pelvis, tight glutes and hamstrings and all over muscle tension. I can barely walk, and certainly unable to walk upright due to severe lower back and hip pain.

I downloaded the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program and proceeded to follow the routine. I continued through each exercise and feel the difference in my body. I was able to stand upright and walk! I am in awe of the immediate impact such simple exercises/stretches have had on my body. It is going to transform my life!”

Naomi Wyndham

Made me feel like a different person

“I wanted to thank you for Unlock Your Hip Flexors. I’ve never written a testimonial before, but that program has quite literally made me feel like a different person. I feel looser, leaner, and I have none of the pain and stiffness in my lower back that had plagued me for decades.

It’s truly amazing. And the results were apparent in the first couple of days. Thank you so much!”

Cathy Lawrence

For a long time, my clients have asked me to design an easy, gentle, convenient exercise program that gets fantastic results. Most importantly, it had to overcome all the pitfalls. It had to be…

  • Simple and easy to follow
  • Performed and completed in minutes, not hours
  • Scientifically-backed and proven
  • Suitable for anyone, no matter age, weight or experience
  • Able to be done anywhere, anytime without any equipment
  • Not reliant on willpower

In my search for the right program for my clients, I eventually came across something that hit all the right buttons.

It was unique in a way that it was suitable both for use by the military and special forces (3)… but it was equally suitable as well for retirees (4) and people with chronic health conditions (5).

In fact, no matter which group of people I looked at, this particular workout achieved impressive results.

What is the workout?

High intensity interval training, or HIIT for short.

If you have heard of circuit training, HIIT training works in a very similar way.

HIIT workouts are short bursts of very intense activity with very little rest in between exercises. Most HIIT programs have 30 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, which is then repeated.

Here’s 7 reasons why HIIT is tearing up the rule books

#1 HIIT builds strength AND endurance

High intensity interval training has the dual benefit of burning calories AND building muscle. By performing exercises in quick succession with very little rest in between, you tap into your body’s two energy systems - aerobic and anaerobic.

This means you can improve your cardio AND build strength in far less time than performing cardio and strength training separately.

Individuals using a HIIT workout would expect to enjoy strength and improved conditioning benefits. However, one study found soccer players using HIIT over a 10 week period compared with traditional endurance exercise (running), also matched improvements in endurance. (6)

#2 HIIT burns a ton of fat

With its focus on strength training as well as cardio, performing HIIT workouts over a period of time will build more muscle. Greater muscle mass increases your metabolism, which burns more calories (7). This delivers a compound effect of stripping away even more fat, more quickly when following a structured program.

A study of 45 women compared a group performing “steady-state” exercise against a group who performed short high intensity workouts three times a week for 15 weeks. While both experienced improvements in cardiovascular fitness by the end of the trial, the group who performed the high intensity workouts experienced “significant” total body fat loss and in leg and trunk fat compared with the moderate exercise group. (8)

#3 HIIT dramatically improves your cardio fitness

One of the most important measures of health is aerobic - or cardiovascular -fitness. This is measured in the level of oxygen in your blood pumped by your heart to your muscles and how well your muscles use this oxygen.

Building aerobic fitness improves how well your whole cardiovascular system delivers oxygen - and energy - to your body.

Good cardio fitness reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, strokes and high blood pressure. And, although aerobic fitness drops with age, you can restore this … if you know what to do.

A study of men aged over 65 compared health outcomes based on a low to moderate intensity program against a high intensity program. Researchers found those on a high intensity program were able to improve aerobic fitness significantly on a much lower volume of exercise (9)

The report noted: “Low-volume HIIT is emerging as a credible, well-tolerated and effective approach to improving aerobic fitness in aging men, irrespective of initial fitness levels”

#4 HIIT burns calories… even when you’re not exercising

Imagine being able to continue burning calories long AFTER you finish exercising. You can! HIIT workouts deliver a post-workout "afterburn”.

High intensity workouts trigger a process called post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) which can burn calories up to 72 hours after you exercise. (10)

When you force your body’s aerobic system to work hard to take in oxygen faster, it takes longer for your body to return to its resting state. During this time, you continue to burn calories… even though you are no longer exercising. (11)

#5 HIIT improves glucose control and insulin resistance

HIIT has been found to benefit those suffering from diabetes in several ways.

One research study on individuals with type 2 diabetes found interval training produced greater improvements in body composition, aerobic fitness and glucose control. (12)

The study suggested the lower total exercise time commitment was a key factor in increasing physical activity levels.

Another study showed high intensity training could be effective in decreasing insulin resistance - an important factor in the development of type 2 diabetes.


Now, isn’t that music to your ears? High intensity interval training is based around using just your bodyweight.

This means you can do it safely at home with NO gym and NO specialized equipment.

The requirement for no equipment or cost while being HIGHLY effective is why it is so popular with the military who use HIIT programs to stay fit and effective no matter where they are stationed. (13)

#7 HIIT is safe

I know what you’re thinking... “high intensity sounds a bit intense. Is it safe?!”

You have absolutely nothing to worry about.

As I will show you, HIIT training is not only hugely effective and quick, it is COMPLETELY SAFE. In fact, it significantly reduces your chance of injury because it is LOW VOLUME, meaning you don’t need to work out for as long.

A major review of 17 research studies involving 953 participants in the Journal of Sports Medicine concluded high intensity training was superior to medium intensity training for improved cardiorespiratory fitness. (14)

The study also reported that, despite the higher intensity, HIIT was as safe as medium intensity training.

Every single benefit here demonstrates why HIIT works over traditional moderate-intensity exercises, like jogging.

In almost every way, HIIT is superior to the way we've always been told to work out.

But if you think these benefits sound good, there’s one more “sucker punch” benefit that even I couldn’t believe... until I saw the research.

High intensity workouts can actually reverse aging.

Now, I know this sounds too good to be true, so let me explain exactly what this means.

It’s all to do with your cells. Our bodies are built of cells. Each and every cell contains the building blocks and machinery to keep our body functioning.

Our health is directly correlated with the health of our cells and their ability to produce energy. The energy-production engines in our cells are called mitochondria. With age, the ability of our cells to generate energy decreases as our mitochondria decline in function.

However, it has been shown that high intensity interval workouts can dramatically boost the ability of mitochondria to produce energy - and even reverse it.

In a report titled “The Best Anti-Aging Exercise Is High Interval Training”, New Scientist revealed a study from the Mayo Clinic showing the effects of three months of interval training on two groups, a group of 18-30-year-olds and a group of 65-80-year-olds. It found interval workouts “boosted the ability of the mitochondria within cells to generate energy by 69 percent in older volunteers, and by 49 percent in the younger group.” (15)

As the researchers summarized: "Mitochondrial activity declines with age, which may aggravate fatigue and reduce the size and ability of muscles to burn excess blood sugar – a risk factor for diabetes. But this decline was halted and even reversed in the older interval-training group.”

Not every HIIT workout is the same

In my search for the ideal high intensity workout, I discovered a problem.

There was so much confusing and conflicting information about the right way to perform HIIT. Should you do 10 minutes of HIIT? Or should it be 20 minutes? Or even more?

The key was to balance effectiveness against time. Too long and you’ll never follow the program. Too short and you won’t get the results you desire.

Then I found the exact study upon which I built the program you will see today. And it proves the optimal HIIT workout is just 7 minutes.

Why 7 minutes is the "magic" number

In a landmark study published in ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal, testing high intensity against moderate intensity exercise, researchers concluded workouts of 7 mins were not only as effective, but BETTER than moderate intensity workouts. (16)

The study concluded: “Individuals who previously believed that they did not have the time for exercise can now trade total exercise time for total exercise effort and get similar or better health and fitness benefits.”

It doesn’t end there.

The magical 7 minute barrier works even if the individual makes no other changes to their diet or lifestyle.

A study in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness investigated the effect of a 7-minute workout performed daily over a six week period on a training group.

By the end of the period, participants experienced a drop in Body Mass Index (BMI), a decrease in waist and hip size and a decrease in fat mass without any other changes.

As the study concluded: "Even a very short duration workout affect(s) the nutritional status in normal weight individuals who did not change any of their eating habits". (17)

Even if you don’t change a single thing you eat, even if you don’t change a single thing about your lifestyle...

... perform the 7-minute routine and you’ll receive all the benefits.

But there was one little problem.

It was too difficult.

As the New York Times said of the workout, "some of the exercises... are too difficult for athletes of a certain age or body type".

And if it's too hard for some athletes, you can bet it's too hard for the rest of us.

The concept was clinically-proven but if it was too difficult, it would be of no use to my clients.

Everyone NEEDED this… so I adapted it. I didn’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I wanted to take the science and build a workout that was simple, safe and easy so that anyone could do it, athlete or otherwise.

Here's why this program is EVERYTHING you've been looking for

Over the last 12 months, I developed a three stage, 7-minute HIIT program based on all of the scientific evidence available, without any of the drawbacks.

When I tested this program on my real-world clients, the results blew me away. Every single benefit has been tested and proven, and I’m delighted to share with you a program that can help you:

  • Achieve faster results

  • Build strength

  • Burn body fat

  • Enhance aerobic fitness

  • Improve heart health

  • Strengthen bones

  • Improve lung capacity

  • Save time and money

Now, I’m delighted to introduce to you…

The most effective short interval program designed specifically to help men and women from ages 40 to 75+ years

The 7 Minute HIIT Program is suitable for you, regardless of your current level of fitness. It is broken down into three stages: Getting Started Workout (Beginner) Healthy Workout (Intermediate), and Invincible Workout (Advanced).

Each stage focuses on a different level of intensity so you have the flexibility to start at any age, level or experience and still make rapid progress. You control how fast or slow you move through the program. It is perfectly safe, even if you suffer from chronic pain or have never exercised in your life.

The program is completely online. Don’t wait to receive videos or books in the mail; get started right away. And, because it is online, you can access the videos and resources instantly and conveniently wherever you are, on any device.

For each of the 3 stages of the program you receive:

  • Instructional Videos
  • Comprehensive Manuals
  • Exercise Quick Reference Guides
  • Progress Tracking Sheets

Let me show you exactly what you get:


The focus of the first stage - Getting Started - is correct form. Master form and every movement becomes more effective, so every minute you spend working out counts.

Too many programs go too hard, too fast. They jump into getting you sweating and moving. This leads to injuries, strains and sprains. If you don’t follow proper form, you just speed up the chance of injury.

With this HIIT workout, it's almost impossible to hurt yourself. The instructional videos are designed to be virtual coaching sessions, as if we’re in the room with you:

  • Holding your hand as we guide you step-by-step through each exercise and workout so you’re 100% confident you know what to do and how to do it
  • Highlight common mistakes and pitfalls people sometimes make so you can avoid them
  • Explain carefully so you know exactly how many sets to do, for how long and at what level of intensity

All you do is move into and out of each of the 12 carefully-selected exercises along with the videos. Each exercise “set” lasts no longer than 30 seconds, and you can follow the whole routine from start to finish in real time. Each exercise is explained in plain English, without any fitness jargon.

Each video is shot in high definition and from multiple angles, so you can see exactly how each move is performed. This program works because it is the closest to being personally trained by us without being in the same room.

Every exercise is bodyweight focused. You don’t need ANY special equipment - although you can use a small set of dumbbells to make the workout a little more challenging. It’s completely up to you.

When you are ready to increase the challenge, you can move to Stage 2 (Healthy Workout) and Stage 3 (Invincible Workout). Again, follow along in real time and modify the exercises down or up, according to your ability. These stages are designed to gradually and safely increase intensity by either using additional weights or increasing the volume of training.

Worried it might be too easy? If you want to make your workout more challenging, no problem. Just reduce the rest periods or work through this video multiple times per day. It’s really that easy. And, remember, you can skip the later stages if you want or stay with the first stage. YOU are in control.

You cannot fail. Simply by working through the program and following along with each exercise, you will experience results within 7 days.

You will be shocked when you see the impact of this short 7-minute workout on your body.


Like the instructional videos, the Comprehensive Manuals contain EVERYTHING you need to correctly perform each exercise. Each exercise or stretch has a start and end photo with detailed instructions on how to perform the move and what it should feel like during the exercise or stretch, so you’re sure you’re doing them right. The manuals give you exact details on the number of repetitions to perform, for how long, how to scale the exercise up or down and how to avoid mistakes.


Sometimes you want to get in a quick workout without the hassle of opening the videos or finding the right place in the manual. The Exercise Quick Reference Guides provide you with a faster, more convenient way to view and follow the exercises for each stage. Each exercise has a start and end photo with a summarized instruction on how to perform the move with perfect form.


If you want to get the results you want, I recommend tracking your workouts. Having worked with thousands of clients over 25 years, I have noted that the people who experience the most dramatic and lasting results are those who measure and track their progress. It’s really important to measure your progress through the program. Not only does it show you how far you’ve come, it keeps you motivated and on-track. We’ve made tracking your progress as simple as possible by including progress tracking sheets for each stage. All you need to do is mark the exercises you complete each day and you’re on your way to getting the results you want.

Here’s why you’re going to love the 7 Minute HIIT Program:

Stay out of the gym… finally, HIIT gives you a way to get all the strength training you need without driving to the gym, changing and spending an hour grappling with cables and weights to not see or feel any different

Stay out of the doctor's office…  study after study proves the many benefits of high intensity training on cardiovascular fitness, fat loss and insulin resistance, which all contribute to better health in the long term

Keep more of your cash… no more handing over your hard-earned cash to pharmacists, physios, massage therapists, chiropractors and everyone else who profits when you're not your best

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The great benefit of this program is it works even if you make no other diet or lifestyle changes. For students who want to hit their goals quicker, making a few simple changes gets you where you want to go faster.

Recognizing this, we're giving away these powerful bonuses when you push the button on the program now:

Take action right now and claim these TWO fast action bonuses...

  • BONUS #1 - Meals & Snacks to Help Tighten and Tone (value $27)

You don’t need to diet using the 7 Minute HIIT Workout to get results. You can continue to eat what you eat now and feel stronger, fitter and leaner by following the workouts.

Clients, however, constantly ask me what they can do to accelerate and improve their results. If there is one thing that will support and enhance your experience using the 7 Minute HIIT Program, it is by making a few small and barely noticeable changes to the meals and snacks you eat.

This bonus recipe book gives you my most popular meals and snacks that work with your body to naturally tighten and tone. They are simple to make, use regular ingredients and are, most importantly, delicious.

You can switch out the occasional meal for some of the tasty, highly nutritious meals and snacks within this recipe book or you can use it to build your own meal plan. You decide.

One thing’s for sure: You’ll be surprised with how well you can eat while building muscle and melting fat with recipe favorites, including Warm Balsamic Glazed Beef, Grilled Chicken Tacos and Sweet Potato Lasagna.

  • BONUS #2 - 10 Guilt-Free Desserts (value $15)

Think you need to ditch desserts to look and feel great? Think again. In this recipe book bonus, I reveal the 10 best desserts you can eat and not feel a shred of guilt.

These recipes can be made with simple, nutritious ingredients you probably already have in the pantry. Each dessert is designed to feed your body essential nutrients and vitamins while tasting delicious.

In simple, easy-to-follow steps, discover how to create wholesome dishes such as Cherry Cinnamon Crumble, Chocolate Banana Bread and, my personal favorite, Caramelized Apple Cupcakes.

Seriously, these are so tasty you won't believe these desserts are actually GOOD for you.

Be one of the first 50 people to claim a copy of the
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Get INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS to the 7 Minute HIIT Workout and THE 2 SPECIAL BONUSES. You get lifetime access to everything 24/7/365, on any computer or mobile device.

so you get INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS to everything -
all the downloadable videos and PDF files,

(Comes with iron-clad, 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee)

CLICK HERE NOW to claim your copy of the 7 Minute HIIT Workout and THE 2 SPECIAL BONUSES, for just one payment of $17 (Regular price $49)

You can tap into the proven power of HIIT. This simple, short, easy-to-follow program designed for people, like you, does that.

Now I want to remove any doubt in your mind about what you should expect when you try the program.

Don't think of this as a purchase. Think of this as a trial.

Try 7 Minute HIIT for 60 days and if you’re not delighted, I’ll give you every penny back

Try out the 7 Minute HIIT Program for a whole 60 days RISK-FREE to see whether this program is for you. If it doesn't give you the results you want, if you don't like any aspect of the program or you just change your mind, no problem.

Contact my team any time within 60 days from the date of your purchase at (888) 291-2430 (toll free in the USA and Canada), or send SMS to 1-888-229-4992, or email us at [email protected] and we'll issue you a full 100% money-back, no-hassle, no-questions-asked refund.

My mission at Exercises For Injuries is simple:

Help as many people achieve the results they want and stay injury-free by using proven, scientifically-backed programs that work.

By giving you this guarantee, my aim is to remove any barriers to using this program to see for yourself the difference it can make.

You're going to love how easy, simple and effective the 7 Minute HIIT Workout is... but if, FOR ANY REASON, you don't -- I'll give you back every penny.

FAQs about The 7 Minute HIIT Workout

“Can you really achieve all this in just 7 minutes?”

It’s hard to believe when the health and fitness industry has pushed the “DO MORE” message for such a long time… but you can achieve better results in less time. And you don’t need to take my word for it. Just scroll to the bottom of this letter and see the long list of studies that prove high intensity intervals deliver all the benefits they promise.

“Am I too old to do this?”

Absolutely not. No matter what your age or level of fitness right now, the 7 Minute HIIT Workout is designed with you in mind.

“What kind of equipment do I need to do this program?”

While many of the exercises and movements in the program are performed with your body only, you will also need a few basic inexpensive items such as the Stairs, Dumbbells, Aerobic Stepper. These equipment you can purchase at most sporting goods stores or online. How to use these items will be covered in the program so you know exactly how to do the exercises safely and effectively note, if you do not have these items, alternative exercises modifications and exercises alternatives are provided in detail.

“Will I get injured?”

No. Because you are in control at every stage of the workout program, you can control your movements into and out of the exercises. We’re set on getting proper form right from the start, which is why it is important to follow along carefully in each video.

“Is this safe if I’m already injured or I’ve had surgery?”

The answer to this is very individual. It depends on what type of injury or surgery you’ve had and how you’ve recovered from them. It is best to ask your surgeon or doctor to see if this program is suitable for you.

“What if the 7 Minute HIIT Workout doesn’t work for me?”

I’m confident that not only will you get great results from the program, you will actually love doing it and making it part of your daily routine. However, if you decide for ANY REASON you don’t love it, contact a member of my team within 60 days of purchase and I will ensure you get a full no-hassle refund.

“How long before I see results?”

You control the speed you work through the program. Some people experience results very quickly, while others take a little longer, depending on where they are. No matter where you are, if you follow along with the exercises at least three times a week, you will certainly feel better after just 7 days.

“Can I get the videos on DVD?”

The videos are not currently available on DVD. However, it is possible to download these to your computer or laptop and burn them onto a DVD. The videos are recorded in a format that can be downloaded or viewed on your laptop, computer, smartphone or tablet.

“Will I get DVDs and a hard copy manual?

There are NO DVDS of this program. All videos are accessible online as soon as you purchase the program. Because there is nothing to send you and everything is available online, you can get started right away. Use the log-in details sent to you once you have purchased the program and all the videos will be there ready for you.

Are you able to dedicate just 7 minutes, a few times a week to feel stronger, healthier and fitter?

You may be worried about one part of this.

Just how intense does this need to be? If you are worried whether you can do it, I want to reassure you that anyone can do this.

When I say "intense", I mean "intense for YOU".

That doesn't mean trying to match the intensity of some bouncing 20-year-old trainer. Or pushing yourself to exhaustion.

That's the beauty of this workout. YOU stay in control.

Even if you think you’re too old, even if you think you’re unfit, even if you’ve never exercised before...

You can improve your level of fitness and watch the benefits stack up, in no time at all.

Many of the studies mentioned above were conducted on individuals who had NEVER performed ANY exercise before. They all posted results.

You can improve your level of fitness and watch the benefits stack up in no time at all.

Here are even more success stories who have benefited from my programs

“New science by a professional who knows physiology and understands what it takes to heal from injury.”

Mary Pritchett

Rick has made me see exercising in a whole new way

“I was not exercising at all – mainly because I was afraid. Exercise for me had been unpleasant, sometimes painful. But since I started the Invincible Core program, I am not afraid to exercise! Using the exercises and techniques taught by Rick has made me see exercising in a whole new way. The instructions are also clear and easy to follow. Most importantly, the price is reasonable and it’s very good value for money”

Sylvia J Richards

Not only is my body responding, my brain is activating and my muscles are waking up

“After 15 years of being chronically ill from Lyme’s and having had lung cancer, I finally have enough energy to start exercising. I’ve been following your Unlock Your Hip Flexors program and I can see a difference in my energy levels. With these exercises, I can tell that not only my body is responding, but also my brain is activating and my muscles are finally waking up. Thank you!”

Judith Dechat

A big difference in my mobility… and decrease in pain

“After a week of doing Rick Kaselj’s Unlock Your Hip Flexors program, I am noticing a big difference in my mobility and most certainly, a decrease in the pain. The exercises are certainly better than what my physiotherapist prescribed. His knowledge and genuine caring is very obvious. Thank you Rick!”

Isabelle Favreau

Well-designed and presented in a way that makes it easy

“I am really impressed with the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program. It is well-designed and presented in a way that makes it easy to follow along, as well as incorporate into an ongoing routine. I am usually hesitant to invest in workout programs because most of the time I do not follow through with them, but I actually enjoy doing this one, and I can feel the difference it makes.”


Helped me loosen up enough to enjoy riding my horse again

“Prior to the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program, I was in intense pain from extremely tight psoas muscles. My hips and lower back were basically immobile.The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program helped me loosen up enough to enjoy riding my horse again as well as walking for any distance.”

Carshon Engalberts

Truly a godsend program… Get it!

“The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program works! I have been working with PTs, Chiropractor and massage therapists. I am also a personal trainer but none of these help to unlock my left hip. I’ve been doing this for a week and I am in shock. I’m sitting here currently in no pain. I know I’m not yet done but this is really amazing. I’ve been doing them all and now I feel strong and very flexible. This is truly a godsend program. Get it! Do it!”

Cornelia Schuster

An easy fix to my decades-long problem

“The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program has changed my life. I have struggled with lower back pain for the last decade with no relief from doctors or physical therapists. It was only worsened by having two children. My lower back felt better after the first day of exercising/stretching. My lower back pain was GONE after the second day. I do the program about 3-4 times a week and can feel the effects of my abs joining back together, my back getting stronger, and my hips loosening to make even just walking easier. My back has already started to have a more natural curve and I’m seeing my muscles getting more toned. I am so grateful for starting this program! Thank you so much for providing such an easy fix to my decade-long problem!”

Bethany Allgood

Here’s THREE huge reasons why this is different from anything else you’ve seen, and why it will work for you

So far, I have shown you a multitude of studies showing why the 7 Minute HIIT workout is the future of exercise.

Now that I’ve revealed to you exactly what this workout looks like, I want to check in with you in case you have any doubts. You are capable of this.

You really can do it.

And there are three key reasons why...

You will stick to this. Most people drop a new regime after a few weeks. Think back to the last time you tried to make a change to your body... was it enjoyable when your enthusiasm was high and the results came quickly? But when your results stalled, did it start to feel like a struggle?

You will enjoy it. The increased intensity floods your system with endorphins. You’ll actually enjoy the after effects of 7 minutes of intense exercise.

It is scientifically-backed to work for EVERY age group. Very few programs are suitable across the board. This is different. It works for any age and any level of fitness, and you control how quickly or slowly you scale the intensity up or down.

Unlike other HIIT workouts, you can do this every day, or just a few times a week. It’s your choice. It won’t leave you feeling exhausted or drained of energy. In fact, you will feel the opposite - full of energy and ready to go.

By now, I hope you're convinced that HIIT gives you everything other programs failed to deliver.

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