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Bulletproof Your “Most Vulnerable Joint”
Against Shoulder Pain With
The 8-Point Reshape Method
82% Of Doctors Don’t Know

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From the Desk of Rick Kaselj

Thursday, July 18, 2024

Hi Friend,

What if I told you your shoulder isn’t the root of your shoulder pain and tightness?

Would you believe it?

Let me explain: in my 35 years of research as a world-leading injury specialist, here is the #1 myth I hear from people experiencing shoulder pain...

People Still Believe Their ‘Shoulder Muscle’
(the one you shrug when you’re unsure)
Is The Root Of Their Shoulder Pain

I used to think the same thing too. After all, how many times have you done this stretch in gym class?

So why don’t simple arm stretches like this one work?

Well, it’s the same exact reason this mind-numbing statistic is true...

82% Of Doctors Have
ZERO Clue How To
Unravel Your Knotted Shoulders

That’s right, according to a study conducted by the The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, 82% of doctors “failed to demonstrate basic competency” in the area of medicine critical to loosening up your shoulders.

(Without this, you simply cannot get long-term shoulder pain relief)

What’s more Clair Davies, author of the defining guide to this type of self-relief says:

Davies wrote the go-to guide — here you can see his 4.6 star reviews on Amazon from over 859 readers

“... an appallingly high percentage of doctors and other practitioners are still pretty much out of the loop.”

82%?! I’d consider that ‘appalling’, wouldn’t you? Nowadays, you can’t always rely on organized medicine

Now, let’s discuss something very important. I’m not telling you this to throw doctors under the bus…

Doctors have a laundry list of diseases, infections, and more life-threatening issues than shoulder pain to keep them busy. Plus, nobody teaches them what I’m going to share with you, even in the top universities.

One of the reasons is this…

Your Shoulder Is
Like A Jammed Up
LA Freeway System!

Ever wonder why your tightness is so stubborn? Under the surface, your shoulder looks like this. But don't worry, untangling it is pretty simple.

Keyword: System.

The shoulder is NOT just a place where the arm meets the body. I wish it was that simple...

In reality, there’s bones, muscles, fascia, lubricating fluid, tendons, ligaments and nerves…crisscrossing, zigzagging, and overlapping…just like the clogged-up freeway

(That’s why I prefer the clean, calm air of British Columbia to Los Angeles!)

The bottom line is this: if things aren’t running smooth — it’s a total MESS!

This means there’s almost infinite “intersections” for accidents to jam, block, and cause crippling pain to your shoulder.

Did you know the shoulder actually has 4 separate joints? That’s why it’s a breeding ground for dislocations, separations, tears, strains, and sprains — to happen like clockwork.

It’s a jungle out there, and it’s hard to know which solution is right for YOU and your unique situation. I know because I used to struggle with the same issues myself.

Today, I’m going to share some very exciting information about new ways to safely relieve your pain.

Inside This Free Special Report You Will Discover:

  • Why treating your shoulder like Play-Doh is the #1 thing you can do for long-term shoulder relief
  • The 6 sneaky body parts holding your shoulder hostage
  • How your ear can be a “compass” to guide your shoulder into perfect movie-star posture
  • The #1 reason keeping most people trapped in a cycle of shoulder pain
  • The 8 scientifically-proven ways to melt away shoulder pain by yourself— without guzzling prescription meds
  • How to turn your 4-hour flight into a 4-hour massage
  • The 7 nasty causes of crippling shoulder pain

Sound good to you? Wonderful.

Before we dig into these, you might be wondering:

“Who is Rick and what the heck does he know about MY shoulder frustrations, anyway?”

Chiropractor Or Masseuse Not Working?
Looking For Non-Invasive Relief?
Meet Rick Kaselj, “The Pain Hacker”

People all over the world trust Rick Kaselj, also known as "The Pain Hacker". Rick has a Masters of Science degree focusing on injury prevention.

He is also a speaker, author, lecturer, and creator of the widely-successful Unlock Your Tight Hip Flexors and Fix My Back Pain program -- which freed tens of thousands from their hip pain and tightness.

He is one of the world's top experts in joint mobility, natural pain relief using bodyweight exercises, and holistic flexibility.

For more than 15 years, Rick has run, from his home near Vancouver, Canada. He's helped thousands of folks in pain -- from athletes, to professional weightlifters, to arthritis sufferers and people coming off recent (or decades-old) injuries.

Rick's work has appeared in well-known magazines and popular online blogs. You may have seen his work in Mens Health, Mens Journal, Early To Rise,, San Francisco Chronicle, Yahoo! News, and many more.

Kaselj has created over 123 pain-eliminating, do-it-from-home health programs, helping masses of people overcome their debilitating and frustrating joint and muscle pain.

Meet Some Of The People Rick Has Helped

Your exercises have changed my life. I have been in constant pain for 15 years.

Shelley Watson, Carmel, CA

Thank you for the Shoulder Injury Guide.

My life before the shoulder injury was frustrating, not being able to do the things you take for granted. I think I was doing more harm than good before.

My life is now improving and I hope to be able to get to a stage where I have full rotation of my arm and be able to do what I want to do.

The best thing about the Shoulder Injury Guide is to know how to do the movements correctly without further injury. It will take time and patience. There is a need to know how to perform the exercises correctly without causing further damage or pain in a slow methodical manner.

Peter Pettman, Retired, United Kingdom

Now that we’ve gotten to know each other a bit better, I want you to throw your old idea of the shoulder in the garbage, and consider this...

the ways you can move your shoulder is infinite. Luckily, there's only 8 ways to fix most tightness problems. Keep reading to learn them.

Your Shoulder Is Complex System
Of Moving Parts. Like A Machine That
Needs A Mechanic (You) To Fix It!

But don’t worry, you don’t need to be an "expert" or anatomy or the human body to do it.

You don’t even need to know the name of a single bone or muscle of the shoulder, either.

Because once you know the secret to safe self-relief, you’ll laugh in your morning slippers at the thought of cutting another $150 dollar check to a therapist…

You’ll chuckle at the idea of relying on NSAIDS…

And kick yourself for not knowing the easy path to gentle, natural shoulder relief sooner...

The thing is, I’ve worked hands-on with hundreds of people (including myself) with tight shoulders...testing ways for them to find relief from the comfort of their own home.

For over two decades I've helped normal people erase crippling pain right out of their body

So, if you do believe in the thousands I’ve helped over the years...people who have literally been unable to walk, raise their arms, turn the steering wheel, and play with their grandkids...

Keep reading, because this will be the most exciting thing you read all week...

First, let’s look at the causes:

7 Nasty Causes Of Crippling Shoulder Pain

  1. Arthritis: the gradual wearing away of the tissue that surrounds the shoulder joint
  2. Osteoarthritis: flexible tissue on joint capsules wears away, bones rub together, causes friction and pain
  3. Torn Rotator Cuff: happens from shoulder overuse, exerts too much force on your shoulder joints
  4. Inflammation of the tendons: around the shoulder joint can cause swelling, soreness, and pain...can spread into the rotator cuff which causes “thickening”
  5. Shoulder impingement: thickened tendons place pressure on the rotator cuff, “trapping” the tendons
  6. Tendon compression: tendons can compress due to wear and tear from constant activity
  7. Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis): restricted motion around the shoulder from prolonged “down time”

It’s no wonder the body’s “busiest intersection” produces so many “accidents”.

You need the joint to lift, throw, flex and reach...and when you injure one of the parts? It can either be met with:

  1. searing obvious pain (like a dislocation or tear) — or...
  2. turn into a domino effect of problems that wreak havoc through the rest of the joint...even into the back, neck, and chest.

The second one is much more subtle and sneaky (and sadly... more common).

Unfortunately, there’s dozens of potential
“triggers” that started your pain & tightness:

  • One (or several) prior injuries…commonly a torn rotator cuff
  • Arthritis from overuse or prior injury
  • Lifting overhead baggage as a flight attendant...
  • Following poor information in your workouts / stretching
  • Pinched nerves that flare up out of nowhere
  • Poor posture while standing & sitting (leads to “rounding” in your shoulders)

Think about it, if there’s so many ways for your shoulder to experience a “traffic jam”...

Why then, is the conventional wisdom to attack your pain with only one or two “out-of-the-box” solutions?

I’ll answer that in a minute, but let’s look at who’s got the short end of the stick when it comes to shoulder problems.

Middle Aged Or Older?
Your Most Vulnerable Joint
Is At An All-Time High Risk Of Injury

According to the respected scientific journal, PLOS ONE:

"Shoulder complaints are the second largest cause for musculoskeletal disability in the middle aged and older populations.”

As you’ve just learned, the people you trust the MOST to answer your health concerns, are of little help when it comes to showing you one of the major keys to accessing your deepest aggravated tissues.

Take, as an example, these 6 ‘shoulder villains’ nobody probably told you about:

The 6 Sneaky Body Parts You Didn’t Know Were
Holding Your Shoulder Hostage

  • Bicep
  • Lats
  • Neck
  • Upper & Mid-back
  • Armpit
  • Chest

These 6 ‘shoulder villains' unknowingly hold hostage your flexibility, mobility, and freedom to move naturally.

If this is news to you, you aren’t alone — chances are you’ve been confused at some point about where to start.

Honestly, it’s not your fault...there’s multinational corporations, pharmaceutical giants, 500+ location chiropractic franchises, and many, many others... who would be “happy as clams if you never learned the information I’m sharing with you today.

Actually, I’ll let you in on a little secret:

Chiropractors HATE Me!

And I don’t necessarily blame them. I give their customers the tools and the knowledge to get the same, but often better, results on their own.

I’m in the game of empowering people to happier lives, and inevitably, some people have bones to pick.

Not all of them do, of course. Since my programs can be combined with a chiropractic routine for a one-two punch effect, and many of the specialists are interested in learning my new approaches.

Since we’re talking empowerment, I’d like to offer you a free travel-hack for shoulder pain before introducing you to my most powerful shoulder discovery yet. Ready?

Fuzzy Ball Trick Turns A 4-hour
Flight Into A 4-Hour Massage

Can you find one of these? Great. Meet your pain-cutting plane partner.

I usually only give this one to paid clients, but what the heck. It’s simple:

  1. Find a tennis ball (any soft, flexible ball will do)
  2. After liftoff, place it in between your scapula (shoulder blade) and your spine — make sure it isn’t on either bone, but in between them
  3. Feel free to move it anywhere from your mid-to-upper back, just avoid going into your lower back or neck
  4. Enjoy! It might be a little tight at first...but you’ll start to loosen up after a few minutes
  5. Hit both sides, and — strange enough — even though you’re loosening up your back ...this will open up your shoulders

 Okay, I'll admit, this nifty trick isn't as luxurious as spa treatment, but it is ultra-effective in opening up your stiff shoulders.

Moving on, I just want to remind you that the shoulder is the most commonly injured joint in the human body.

So remember, you are NOT alone if you:

  • Can’t walk the dog without fearing a painful yank on the leash
  • Wish you could walk the same distances you used to, without fatigue
  • Hate waking up to pain & remember when you could actually sleep until the alarm
  • Resort to swallowing liver-damaging pain pills... just to find relief after a long day's work
  • Feel like you’ve tried everything — muscle relaxers, stretching, and thermal treatments — without improvements
  • Have pain radiating down your arm
  • Are an athlete, and dread running long distances because of your tightness
  • Can’t tell where the neck pain ends and the shoulder pain begins — it’s just one seamless pain blanket
  • You experience tension headaches without questioning if the root of the problem could be your shoulder (hint: it could!)
  • Want to perform at your peak fitness level, but feel like your shoulders are robbing you of your true potential

Why Never To
“Just Stretch More”

CAUTION: over-stretched muscles can't support the surrounding joints as well, making them more vulnerable. It also increases your risk of a muscle tear.

The KEY to opening up bundles of loose tissue in your shoulder...and getting the supple flexibility to lift, carry, push and pull whatever you feel like...CAN’T come from stretching alone.

In fact, overstretching can irreparably damage  your shoulder, so don’t overdo it.

Fixing your shoulder doesn’t require any fancy equipment, gym memberships or expensive “expert” guidance...

Even better, it’s so simple, that once you see it — you will probably never return to the “conventional” approaches that got you where you are now.

Is “Reshaping” Your Shoulder Is The ONLY Way
To Snuff Out Pain For Good?

Huh? Reshaping? What does that even mean?

Not many experts in my field are talking about it, which means almost NO doctor or general practitioner is going to understand the “language” I’m about to share with you.

Think of your shoulder like a ball of Play-Doh. If you’re trying to mold it into something nice, say...what this child is making here...

You don’t just SMASH the ball of ‘doh’ in one direction, do you? No, you roll, twist, massage, and build it up from multiple angles.

Your shoulder is like the ball of play-doh, and you are the child. It just needs some love, reshaping, and restoration.

Caution: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Just
Try To Figure It Out Yourself

Even the New York Times admits: this is new territory, and most professionals don’t fully understand it:

“Surprisingly, no one knows definitively what muscle knots are made of — and some researchers question whether they even exist at all.”

I assure you, they do exist, as this area of “reshaping” the human body has been my life’s passion and dedication for the past three decades.

So today, I’d like to introduce my newest shoulder pain breakthrough:

When You Learn How To “Reshape”
Your Shoulder Like Play-Doh, Two Things
Will Happen

  • You Will Pain-Proof Your Body’s Most Vulnerable Joint
  • You Will Release Decades Of Trapped Muscle & Cranky Joint Pain...

The best part? You will do it all in less than 9 minutes a day, from the comfort of your own home!

“Is it Really Possible To Self-Loosen My
Own Shoulders, Without Experiencing Any Pain?”

It’s always been possible. The problem was, few people knew how. Today, things have changed…

You could resort to pain pills, questionable woo-woo alternative relief methods, and of course — surgery. In fact, this utter lack of good options was one of my big motivators to get into the industry of helping people like you or your family to break free from pain.

As you probably know, things are speeding ahead in health science and medicine...

For example, last year the FDA approved the world's first artificial pancreas for type 1 diabetes. It’s called the MiniMed 670G, from the company Medtronic (NYSE: MDT).

A fake pancreas! You can’t argue: the future is here.

Rick Kaselj, MS

What’s my point? Groundbreaking new science ISN’T limited to artificial organs. It’s widespread and moving fast.

Developments in injury prevention, mobility, and trigger point therapy are allowing people to bust out of their pain plateaus at an unprecedented rate…

I know because I devour all the latest scientific journals, attend (and often speak) at many of the conferences...and then...I analyze, synthesize, and boil down…

The Best-of-The-Best Information
You Can Use In Minutes To
Beat Shoulder Pain!

On top of all that, I have THOUSANDS of cases of hands-on experience with people just like you who are going through the same annoying, debilitating “shoulder stuff”...

...people who can hardly grab up a gallon of milk out of the fridge without experiencing a pain event...

...people afraid to lift their carry-on into the overhead compartment. Unsure if they have to strength to not drop it on the head of some unsuspecting stranger...

...people who can’t clean the bathroom without a nagging reminder of unhappy shoulders…

...and people who can’t lead fulfilling sex lives because of their terrible pain and weak joints...

These shoulder pain “red flags” should NEVER happen...and now, they don’t have to…

Here’s How People Like You Are Using
My Methods To Take Back Control Of Their Lives

When you join me, we’ll tap into your most deeply-rooted muscular imbalances, releasing blocks of stiff muscle, tight fascia, and lubricating your entire shoulder system — from every angle.

Most “experts” give you one or two ways to loosen your shoulders.

I Give You 8 Layers Of Shoulder Pain Protection

But the number of angles you use to unwind tight shoulders, isn’t as important as the problem  that each one fixes.

Remember how intricate the shoulder is...and the intersection analogy? You do? Great.

Then you’ll remember how many blockages (or “traffic jams”) can occur, each of the ten categories below address a specific problem.

If, say you tried using a ‘static stretch’ to activate your joint capsule — it wouldn’t work.

But don’t fret if this sounds complicated. All you need to know is that each movement category is a KEY that releases a specific pain point or tightness problem.

But if you’re one of those people who likes the ‘how it’s made’ shows on TV, here’s more:

Here’s How The 8 Vital Shoulder ‘Modalities’*
Release Trapped Shoulders & Evaporate Pain

(*modalities are just ‘categories’ of movements)

  • Trigger Point Massage (the one doctor’s DON’T know!) — penetrates your deepest tight spots normal stretching can’t reach to eliminate pain and restore motion. Brings new blood, oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. Promotes healing of old scar tissue and adhesions throughout whole shoulder system. It really is a “magic massage” and I think ten or fifteen years from now people will look back at this modality as the single most important development in overcoming “impossible” injuries.
  • Fascial Release — these light-intensity movements activate deep, dense tissue. If you want long-term relief, you can't ignore fascia. Chances are, over time you've beaten the heck out of your poor fascia. It responds by clumping together into tight tissue. This modality "un-glues" it to become limber and pliable while maintaining strength.
  • Capsular Flexibility — the capsule is a watertight sac that surrounds the ‘ball’ portion of the ball and socket. It often restricts movement. These movements pinpoint the capsule to loosen up an often-overlooked piece of the shoulder system (good for avoiding shoulder impingement).
  • Dynamic Stretching — these multi-directional stretches warming up your tissue, quickly open up your shoulders by accessing the mid-back (weird, but your mid-back actually “anchors” a lot of tension in your shoulders, this helps pull up the anchor). Think of this as a ‘primer’ which makes the other 7 movements twice as effective.
  • Static Stretching — helps lengthen the muscles in and around your shoulder. Like a rope, lengthening leads to more ‘slack’ in your muscles and less tightness. WARNING: do NOT attempt to unlock your tight shoulders using this without the other 7 movements. Your muscles will simple snap back to their short original state, not to mention the risk of injury from overstretching.
  • Mobility Exercises — according to the journal, Annals Of Internal Medicine scientific study of 47 academic articles regarding sedentary behavior in adults, they found that people who sit for long periods were 24% more likely to die from health problems.

These movements do wonders for you mid-back, loosen up the knotted tissue from sitting, and fight against the mountain of problems from being stuck in an office or seated job (cool tip: these work great in the shower)

These also free up your scapula, or your shoulder blade. This is a key part of “reshaping” your shoulder.

  • Muscle Activation Movements — these light intensity stretches “activate” the tissue in your upper back and shoulder blade area. Certain muscle groups in your body are out of balance. They’re like a light switch that’s flipped off. Muscles activation does exactly what it sounds like: turns your ‘off’ muscles ‘on.’ Not only that, it flicks on the right muscles at the right time.

Now, your other muscles don’t have to “pick up the slack” that the ‘off’ muscles lazily forgot about. The restored balance decreases your risk of injury, layers on strength, and keeps muscles firing on all cylinders.

  • 3D Training — if you experience muscle weakness, can’t easily lift your arm over your head, or could use a bit more strength in day-to-day activities — these movements are for you.

If this all sounds a bit technical, just remember: you don’t need to know “what’s under the hood” to drive a car, right? It’s the same with melting off shoulder pain.

Alone, each one of these ‘modalities’ is pretty effective (try them yourself, you will likely experience a reduction in pain).

But combine them together...and THAT’S where things get interesting.

If Doctors Don’t Know How To Teach
You One Of The Most Important “Keys”
To Unlocking Your Shoulders… can bet they don’t know the other seven!

But before I give you my revolutionary answer to fighting off shoulder pain (using all 8 pain keys) I’d like you to imagine for a moment, what your new life might look like.

How Would Your Life Be
Different, If You...

  • Felt the energy and limber shoulder to play, jog, and toss the ball with your kids or grandkids — painlessly
  • Lifted pots & pans easily, place them up high, and set them down just as easily
  • Swung your golf club solidly, fully; striking the ball with every ounce of locked-up energy that’s been sitting just out of reach
  • Graced the tennis tennis courts with elegant footwork & confident hitting; impressing your friends & frustrating opponents with your flexibility

Imagine wiping away years...even decades... of hard stiffness, nonstop pain, and morning woes

  • Relied on yourself instead of a therapist or doctor, to get the pain-free, healthy joints you deserve (and also save some serious cash)
  • Got out in the yard...and got back to enjoying the blissful peace of gardening (if that’s your cup of tea)
  • Put on a jacket with ease, and without help from a spouse or family member
  • Radiated youth, energy, and self-assurance to those around you — as they drive themselves crazy trying to figure out your secret
  • Sat in your work chair, feeling more energized (and focused) as you free up hoards of mental energy since you no longer think about your pain

Introducing: “Unlock Your Tight Shoulders”
This Gentle, Yet Powerful 8-Point Approach
Banishes Pain From The Inside Out
Without Hurting You One Bit

Inside my video program, “Unlock Your Tight Shoulders” — you will learn how to pinpoint ALL 8 of the vital modalities (or “movement categories”) above.

Once you start going through these movements in minutes each day, you’ll see the results are exponential. Think about trying to untangle a knot…

You don’t just pull and pull on a string, right?

No, you start massaging the knot, loosening from different sides, and creating space in between the tangled bundles.

The problem with injections, topical solutions like Icy Hot, and single-modality “solutions” like acupuncture — is they only hit the pain from one angle.

That’s the exact reason I developed the 8-point approach. Because you absolutely MUST hit the problem from many sides.

If you had to untangle this mess, you wouldn't just start *yanking*, right? No, you'd go at it from different angles, just like we will with your shoulders.

Inside The Program,
Rick Will Reveal:

  • Why mimicking a giraffe eating gives you a valuable measurement of your posture (see assessment video)
  • How to tell if you are “locked up”, and if your mid-back needs correcting
  • How to use your smartphone to find your perfect posture
  • The one thing stopping you from lifting your hands overhead (see assessment video)
  • Which 4 areas to laser-target if you can’t lift your arms overhead
  • The weird lopsided stretch that reveals which shoulder is stiffer (most have one that’s MUCH worse)
  • Want to know how your flexibility compares to the average? “2-inch” threshold test shows you if you’re good, average or poor
  • Sitting kills . This mid-back hack reverses the chair-torture...and you can use a 2-liter soda bottle to do it… (see intermediate flow)
  • Which parts of the shoulder you MUST avoid during self-massage (see beginner flow)
  • How your golf bag can probably give you a deeper massage (see beginner flow)
  • The “swimmers block” secret that taps into 2 common shoulder tight spots (see beginner flow)
  • The amazing 90/90 stretch that lengthens short muscles (see beginner flow)
  • The muscle activation trick you ALREADY do (but simply need to hold for seconds longer to “flick the activation switch” and fire up the engine of shoulder function, movement, flexibility, strength and endurance)
  • The weird hanging method for mobilizing your shoulder capsule...PLUS how to turn the intensity up and down using your toes
  • The fun dance-style stretch to ignite all the little muscles connected to your shoulder
  • ADVANCED: how finding the line between “uncomfortable” & “screaming pain” works miracles for unlocking your shoulders (see advanced flow)
  • Why mimicking a giraffe eating gives you a valuable measurement of your posture (see assessment video)
  • How to tell if you are “locked up”, and if your mid-back needs correcting
  • How to use your smartphone to find your perfect posture
  • The one thing stopping you from lifting your hands overhead (see assessment video)
  • Which 4 areas to laser-target if you can’t lift your arms overhead
  • The weird lopsided stretch that reveals which shoulder is stiffer (most have one that’s MUCH worse)
  • Want to know how your flexibility compares to the average? “2-inch” threshold test shows you if you’re good, average or poor
  • Sitting kills . This mid-back hack reverses the chair-torture...and you can use a 2-liter soda bottle to do it… (see intermediate flow)
  • Which parts of the shoulder you MUST avoid during self-massage (see beginner flow)
  • How your golf bag can probably give you a deeper massage (see beginner flow)
  • The “swimmers block” secret that taps into 2 common shoulder tight spots (see beginner flow)
  • The amazing 90/90 stretch that lengthens short muscles (see beginner flow)
  • The muscle activation trick you ALREADY do (but simply need to hold for seconds longer to “flick the activation switch” and fire up the engine of shoulder function, movement, flexibility, strength and endurance)
  • The weird hanging method for mobilizing your shoulder capsule...PLUS how to turn the intensity up and down using your toes
  • The fun dance-style stretch to ignite all the little muscles connected to your shoulder
  • ADVANCED: how finding the line between “uncomfortable” & “screaming pain” works miracles for unlocking your shoulders (see advanced flow)

What Would It Cost To Hire A Specialist
Who Doesn’t Know The 8-Point Approach?

Before I answer that, consider what it would cost to learn these movements from me personally…

It’d take me over an hour to properly walk you through everything, but let’s just say I only charge you for an hour:

It Would Cost You
At Least $300

I’m not telling you this to brag, I just want you to understand that (after 35 years of doing this)...people happily pay to learn how to relieve their stubborn pain.

(Keep in mind: I couldn’t charge that unless my methods actually worked)

Sure, there’s other folks out there who can provide relief. And with time, their methods will also work (though not nearly as fast).

The obvious one is a physical therapist or chiropractor , which will run you minimum $100/session.

And guess what? There’s a good chance they don’t know the secret to restructuring a healthy shoulder…

There’s an even better chance they’ll draw up a 3-month visit schedule that’ll set you back hundreds, if not over a thousand dollars.

Let’s take an honest look at a few of the other options, just to be sure:

1. Biomedical Dry Needling (BDN)

If you have a fear of needles, you might wanna skip this one. This procedure uses acupuncture needles to penetrate deep muscles and loosen them up.

It’s intense. If you’re like me, you’ll be lying in a puddle of sweat when you’re done...asking for a shot of tequila to forget what just happened.

Not to mention, BDN does nothing to restructure your shoulder blade.

Initial treatment costs about $85, and follow up treatments range from $30-75/hr.

2. Massage Therapy

According to the University of Minnesota National, the U.S. national average hourly cost of a massage is $60/hr. For ONE session.

You BET it feels great, I’m a big fan of massages myself. But if you’re looking for serious, lasting relief, a massage just doesn’t:

  1. Hit the trigger points in your neck, lats, shoulder blade, and rotators cuffs
  2. Hit them in the right ORDER and with the right intensity
  3. Work on restructuring the entire shoulder SYSTEM (Most important factor)

“Unlock Your Tight Shoulders”
Is A 100% Virtual Course.
Don’t Wait For Relief.
Start Beating Pain Today.

You will receive detailed, step-by-step instructions to gain your exclusive access to your copy of the program.

The welcome and introduction videos tell you everything you need to get started in seconds, even if you aren't good with computers. Just press play and Rick walks you through step-by-step

It’s not a DVD, so you will actually receive a private link to the content. It will take you to a site where the videos “live” on the internet, but ONLY after you buy the program.

This way, there’s no waiting for anything to arrive in the mail.

You can literally start relieving pain in minutes.

“What Exactly Do I Get?”

Good question. Let me lay out the different sections of the program. You get 18 videos in total.

Section #1 : Quick Start Tour (~2 minutes)

This is where I’ll introduce you to the online dashboard. It’s so simple a 5-year old could navigate it.

Make sure you check this out so you know which order to watch the videos in.

Section #2 : Shoulder Assessment Video (~8.5 minutes)

In this section, I’ll walk you through a 3-step test to measure your shoulder flexibility before and after each series of movements.

Strangely enough, you’ll use your hip, ear, and shoulder as ‘reference points’ during the test.


You’ll love this because you can SEE the before and after... it might even surprise you how quickly you notice improvements!

Plus, if you find yourself without a computer or smart device, I have a PDF guide you can print out and use “on the go” if you need it.

Section #3 : The Sequential Flows

These videos contain the core commandments of stopping shoulder pain. It’s the real “meat” of the program — where the magic happens. Here, I walk you through each of the movements with my helpful assistant.

These in-depth videos show you how to perform the movements from multiple angles, so it’s virtually impossible to get lost.

3 “flow” stages for almost any fitness level:

  1. Beginner
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

Based on the test from Section 2, you’ll find out which level you fit into best. Once you’ve mastered the first level, and feel up to the challenge, you can progress into more advanced “flows”.

Plus: 2 Videos For Each Difficulty Level

  • Instructional Video: this is the broken down, movement-by-movement, repetition-by-repetition version with Rick. As you’re learning these new movements, Rick virtually leads you by the hand, showing you in extreme detail what you should feel, how fast you should go, how many repetitions to do, and the level of intensity to use.
  • Follow Along Video: In this condensed video, go through each of the exercises in real-time with Rick's Exercise Assistant. This is a great way to learn proper pacing as you gain confidence with the routines.

PDF Guide: you’ll also receive a detailed written guide with pictures if you need to review the program from your hotel room, your sister-in-law’s, or wherever you find yourself. Print it out. Bring it anywhere and you’ll be able to do most of the exercises.


WARNING: a MAJOR problem people have is not knowing what to feel. These videos are explained in simple terms that educate you on where you should feel a stretch, and what intensity you should feel. I do this so you know with 100% certainty if you’re doing it right. 

Section #4 & 5: Wrap-Up Video & Thank You

If you still have any questions, these videos will show you how to get in touch with my assistant Joan, where to send questions, how to make sure you’re on my list to receive exclusive updates, and more.

Learning This Revolutionary Approach
Is Going To Give You An Incredible
Sense Of Power

Power over your mornings... to wake up with your alarm clock or (gasp!) the sun...instead of waking up to pain…

Power over your confidence... as you carry yourself more upright, commanding more respect from your friends, family and total strangers…

Power over your love life... as you increase your upper-body strength, your flexibility, and your refreshed vigor and energy in bed with your partner.

And if it doesn’t? Well, you don’t risk a thing…

Rick’s 60-Day Pain Proof Guarantee
Get Shoulder Relief Starting In Minutes
Or I’ll Send Back Every Penny You Spent

I’ll explain why I’m offering this unmatched guarantee, since a lot of people (especially my friends) think I’ll get taken advantage of.

As you already know, the shoulder is the most vulnerable joint in the human body. It’s the most frequently dislocated one, too.

Yet somehow, doctors and trained “professionals” still have zero clue when it comes time to show you how to eliminate pain safely and naturally.

Listen, I’m not on some crazy crusade to cure the world of shoulder pain. I’m just trying to help one person at a time, and I’d love to help you too.

To make this a complete no-brainer, here’s what I’ll do:

If you get your copy of Unlock Your Tight Shoulders, you absolutely must experience a reduction of the nagging pain and stiffness that are robbing your life’s enjoyment.

And if, for ANY reason, you aren’t entirely delighted about the results and reduced pain you’re experiencing…

I INSIST that you get 100% of your money back. No hassles, no questions asked, no nonsense at all... and we can even be friends still.

It’s how I wish more people treated me, and it’s the only way I want to offer my programs.

Frankly, I’ve invested two decades of my life and tens of thousands of dollars into developing these scientifically tested exercises, movements, and sequences you won’t find elsewhere.

That’s why I guarantee Unlock Your Tight Shoulders.

So for the next 60 days, you can test drive this proprietary program, actually FEEL the results for yourself….And if for ANY reason at all you are not happy…. Just reach out anytime during the 60-days and I’ll refund 100% of the price.

I’m not kidding. If you don’t start experiencing significant pain reductions in the first week, you don’t deserve to spend a dime.

All you do is call or email my friendly customer support team and they’ll issue your prompt refund.

Here’s the number if you want to write it down: 1-(888) 291-2430

Literally Start Unlocking Your Tight Shoulders
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To get started, just click the button below, and you will be taken to a 100% secure, privacy-protected order form page. We don’t share your information with anyone.

You can see what it looks like here:

You’ll enter your details, and get an immediate follow up email from me, Rick Kaselj.

In that email, I will give you detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to access, view, and download these breakthrough video programs.

I’ll tell you everything you need to get going, and start following along from home with me, repetition-by-repetition.

Yes! I Want To Unlock My Tight Shoulders

What’s It Going To Feel Like A Year From Now?
...Lifting A Box?
...Sinking The Gardening Shovel In The Hard Dirt?
...Picking Up Your Grandkid?

Take back control of your sleep, and don't let pain steal your energy (or sanity) one more night

Look, what’s it worth to NOT make a change in the health of your shoulder?

Can you afford to keep waking up to pain

To keep spending your hard-earned dollars on chiropractors and massages that aren’t working?

Living in a world where every reach and pull of the arm turns into a pain event?

Ultimately, that decision is up to you. But you know, this all reminds me of a quote about escaping somewhere you don’t belong:

“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying somewhere you don’t belong. - Mandy Hale

Do you “belong” in
a prison of tightness & pain?

I’ve shown you how I can Unlock Your Tights Shoulders, and all the reasons you’re likely where you are today.

I’ve shown you how many thousands of people I’ve helped, and how 17 years of hard work has gifted me with invaluable knowledge I’d like to pass on to you, in addition to so many of my students and friends who have ditched their lifelong pain for good.

You can continue cutting hefty checks to massage therapists, physical therapists, and God-forbid — surgeons —  if it gets to that point…

You might get temporary help, but it’s in many of their best interest to keep you coming back, paying for more treatment, and making their pockets fatter.

You can plainly accept that certain recreation areas of your life — tennis, golf, jogging, ball tossing — will just have to be cherished memories, never to be experienced fully again…


You can take a stand against pain, empower yourself and your life, and make a real decision, TODAY, right now, to leave tight shoulders in the dust.

You can stand up square every morning, proud of the graceful, painless way you move throughout your life.

You’ll see your friends and family vaguely notice, then turn their gaze on you — amazed at how effortlessly you float through a room.

But most importantly, you will have your full mental focus back.

Your mind is like a grocery cart: when you have shoulder, neck, and upper back tightness...

It’s like your cart is full to the brim with candy, cookies, and piles of 2-liter soda bottles.

It’s heavy. Sluggish. Like pushing a pile of bricks. And all you can think about is how annoying it is to lug around.

When you’re pain and tightness free, your cart is light — filled with leafy greens — and you glide through the day feeling happy and energetic, with even enough energy to read for an hour at night.

That’s what life without shoulder pain is like.

A woman or man in health wants 1,000 things...

A person in pain wants just one:

To be free.

After one week of doing the movements inside this program, you will feel years younger…

After a month of doing these effortless movements,
you’ll hardly recognize your own body

Remember, if you’re still not sure, you’re backed by my pain-proof 60-day guarantee. You literally risk nothing to get a shot at reclaiming your happiness, health, and flexibility.

What’s The Result Of Doing Nothing?

A year from now, are your stiff shoulders still going to be waking you up an hour early…

Preventing you from reaching, throwing, heck — afraid of holding a heavy door — in fear of digging the pain pit even deeper?

Right now, this very moment, could be the turning point you smile back on weeks, months, even decades from today.

Wishing you a brighter, pain-free future from the entire team at Exercises for Injuries

So what will you do with it?

Either way, I’ll be waiting on the other side. I hope to see you there.

Only $10 (One Time Payment)

P.S. Oh yeah, one more thing. This is my third release of the highly popular ‘Unlock’ series for pain.

What that means is, since these programs have been so popular, I don’t know when I’ll decide to package them all into one with Unlock Your Tight Hip Flexors, and Unlock Your Tight Ankles.

In that case, I’d likely have to raise the price to cover the cost of selling three programs in one.

Rather than risk an increase in price, here’s what I suggest:

  1. Order Unlock Your Tight Shoulders risk-free today
  2. Try it out (remember, you have 60 days to see if you like it). Experience the pain relief first hand...sleep better, get back to your life before shoulder pain, even if it’s been decades, and empower your life with safe, natural relief.
  3. If you still aren’t happy, for any reason, just send a one-line email to my customer support team OR give them a call at 1-(888) 291-2430 and they’ll promptly issue your full and immediate refund

That’s all for today.

I sincerely wish you the best in your quest for better health, less pain, and a more active lifestyle; and I’d be delighted to play a part in helping you beat your pain.

P.P.S. I also included a brief snapshot of Scott’s journey with shoulder pain after getting in a bad car accident:

I had been working out at a local gym for some time and after getting into a car accident, I was advised to work with a kinesiologist to help repair and rebuild the strength in my shoulder. I was referred to one kinesiologist, who built me a good custom strength program, but I found my shoulder wasn’t healing properly and my muscles would tighten and push my shoulder out of place.

The trainer referred me to Rick because of his history specifically dealing with shoulder injuries. Rick immediately had me stop the weight training and we focused on “small twitch” muscle repair. I was skeptical because I had never heard of these muscles and the exercises Rick suggested required light force and different angles of pressure, without the use of weights. After two weeks, I had a noticeable increase in my range of motion and my recurring muscle tightness started to decline.

After two years of rehabilitation, I was finally making progress I was satisfied with. I would recommend Rick to anyone with hard to pinpoint and nagging upper body injuries, especially shoulder/rotator cuff and muscles that lead to the neck. I am very pleased with the results and I continue to work with Rick.

Scott Bennis, Langley, BC

Here’s stories from a few other people I’ve helped with their shoulder problems.

Excellent use of time. The information was delivered in a clear, concise manner. Rick made what could have been a complex concept easy to understand.

Tara Stevens Personal Trainer, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Since I started suffering from pain in my shoulder a year ago, I have been interested in the topic. X-Ray and Resonance were negative and I was told it probably depended on posture. I realized that my fitness training program was not going to work without seriously working on posture too.

There were very few professionals who focus on Scapula. After reading your webinar, I had the key to totally revise my way of training my upper body.The exercises you propose are relatively simple and effective.

Filippo Chini
Filippo Chini Accountant, Florence, Italy

I’ve been in the game for nearly 5 years and the understanding the complexity of the shoulder has always been difficult. Your Muscle Imbalances Revealed Upper Body is my go-to resource when one of my clients walks in with a jacked up shoulder, neck, and back.

Greg Beitling Lit Fitness, Blue Springs Boot Camp

I’ve been in the game for nearly 5 years and the understanding the complexity of the shoulder has always been difficult. Your Muscle Imbalances Revealed Upper Body is my go-to resource when one of my clients walks in with a jacked up shoulder, neck, and back.

Greg Beitling Lit Fitness, Blue Springs Boot Camp


Only $10 (One Time Payment)


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